Guido Stompff

guido stompffIn 1993 ir. Guido Stompff completed a master degree from the faculty of Industrial Design, TU Delft. After working for two small design offices he became part of the design team of Océ Technologies, based in Venlo. Nowadays the team consists of 21 FTE and includes a wide range of design disciplines, including usability researchers, interaction designers, graphic designers and product designers. The focus of the department is on the product experience in the widest sense. Oce has a long design history and an acclaimed reputation, resulting in numerous international design awards. Guido Stompff always had an inquisitive mind, questioning about and reflecting upon the design discipline and its contributions. It resulted in several publications in a variety of subjects, before settling upon the relation between brand and new product development. This is a so far rather unexploited area, in which design plays an significant role. Since 2006 he decided to turn this personal quest into a PhD research at TU Delft, next to his work at Océ.

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