Topics 'Strategic Brand Management' (Post-Bachelor)

The post-bachelor course “Strategic Brand Management” actively teaches you to implement the previously acquired knowledge. During the course both theoretical and practical classes are given, cases and assignments are used as working methods, you experience a “brand journey” and you learn to draw up your own strategic plan under supervision

Module 1: Strategy, positioning and branding 

During these two knowledge sessions the following issues are dealt with: How to develop a good strategy? How to converge strategy and positioning? How to create a strong brand from this foundation? How to deliver real additional value and which concepts to use?

  • Class 1: Trends, developments, positioning, brand strategy, archetypes,  brand architecture
  • Class 2: Brand identity, brand values, laddering method, value mapping and marketing communication.

Module 2: Digital branding and social media 

During this practical training the following issues are dealt with: What are the latest developments in online branding? How to set up a good digital branding policy and what does this include? How to embed social media strategically into the organization? What are the best practices and which inspiring cases can serve as examples? How to approach these things? All this and more will be explained on this day through assignments, practical cases and workshops

  • Class 3: Digital branding, social media, performance based marketing, community management. 
  • Class 4: Online marketing, reputation management, online brand engagement, measuring and correcting.

Module 3: Brand consistency and creating brand alignment.

This module focuses on managing and controlling brand consistency through the following practical questions:  How to align the brand with other activities within an organization? How to guarantee brand consistency? What is the return of these efforts? Class 6 focuses on the “how” of all this. How to approach certain issues, how do certain systems operate, how to motivate people for your plans? And what skills are vital?

  • Class 5: Brand alignment, creating brand consistency, managing and controlling
  • Class 6: Implementation of brand alignment projects, system operations, motivating people

Module 4: Content Marketing, brand engagement and loyalty

This module focuses content strategy, community management and brand engagement. And tries to give an answer to the following questions: How to set up a good content marketing strategy? How to reach, entertain and convince the target group? What else does online content marketing include? (SEO-proof, connecting to the information need, community management). And how to fit in brand loyalty?

  • Class 7: Content marketing, brand engagement, community management and loyalty 
  • Class 8: Implementation of  engagement projects: system operations, motivating people

Module 5:  Image building, perception and reputation management

This module focuses on building, creating and managing the image/reputation. It tries to give an answer to the following questions: How to manage the (online) reputation? How to build a desired reputation? How to control the perception and how to manage the expectation? How to analyze, monitor and adjust the efforts?

  • Class 9: Image building, perception, expectation and reputation management
  • Class 10: Implementation of  reputation projects, system operations, motivating people

Module 6: Brand Journey and the Strategic Plan. 

This module focuses on integration of the acquired knowledge. You’ll take part in a brand journey to a best-in-class brand to experience state-of-the-art brand policy. Afterwards there is a group case and you learn to write your own strategic brand plan. The following questions will be dealt with: How to apply theory in practice? How to turn a brand strategy into a specific plan? How to start the actual implementation?

  • Class 11: Brand Journey to a Best-of-Class brand: tour, class and discussion.
  • Class 12: Cases and developing a strategic brand plan under supervision.
  • Class 13: Cases and developing a strategic brand plan under supervision.

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