Strategic Brand Management

More than ever consumers expect added value in their relationship with companies. The main issues are a distinctive ability, relevance, meaning and transparency. If you can’t meet these requirements, you surely will be ignored. Today’s customer is hard, chooses rapidly and is increasingly less loyal. Nowadays companies need a good brand strategy more than ever. This course provides you the necessary knowledge, skills and insights to establish a good branding strategy. Crucial questions of this branding mba, include: How can I establish a well-founded positioning or brand strategy? How can I introduce a significant value proposition into the market? How can I embed online and social media into my brand strategy?


The course “Strategic Brand Management” offers you knowledge and new insights. It actively teaches you to implement these through practical cases and you immediately start using the gained experience. It extends your existing knowledge and teaches you new skills about the implementation of strategic brand management. It educates you on how to actually implement your plans and it demonstrates how the final result of a successful implementation can look like by means of a professional company visit.

Course topics

The course “Strategic Brand Management” consists of the following four modules: Strategy, Branding & Positioning (class 1 and 2). Digital branding and social media strategy, cases and assignments (class 3 and 4). Create and protect brand consistency (class 5 and 6) – Professional company visit (class 7). For current data on the course, please click here.

Who can apply to this course?

The course “Strategic Brand Management” is designed for (senior) marketers, brand managers, communication managers, strategists, advisers, product managers, business developers, commercial directors and/or managers who are responsible for the commercial management within organizations. You have a few years of professional experience and a minimum post-bachelor-level of working and reasoning. You wish to expand your current knowledge and apply it in practice.

Action learning

During the course you actively participate in group works based on multiple cases and assignments. You work out a branding strategy for famous brands such as Achmea or Ikea. During those group works you actively learn to put the theory into practice and you receive feedback from the teachers who, at the time, implemented this assignment themselves for their principal. Furthermore you learn a lot from your fellow students as they have different positions, branches and backgrounds but deal with the same issues.

Location, dates and prices

The course “Strategic Brand Management” is held in Utrecht. It starts three times a year, in January, March and October and it has 6 regular classes and 1 optional class (professional company visit). The regular classes are spread out over three days from 3 pm till 9 pm, always on Thursday. For current data, click here. The tuition fee for the course “Strategic Brand Management” amounts to € 1.790, - (VAT not included). However this fee doesn’t include the additional documentation worth €99, -. Would you like to receive a brochure of this course? Click here. Do you have questions or would you like to make a reservation, please contact us through e-mail:

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