MBA Brand Management (International Program)

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art MBA program in the field of branding? From this year on, NIBAA offers a renewed MBA program. In just 1 year you develop your theoretical knowledge as well as your practical skills. You extend your knowledge, you visit multiple best-in-class companies, you attend an international module at the London Business School and you finish the education with a thesis

The renewed MBA program “Brand Management” adds a new meaning to your previously acquired knowledge of business administration and brand strategy. On an academic level, you are encouraged to develop new insights and skills which enable you to find a solution for both brand issues and organizational matters. This allows you to make a contribution to the strategic and operational management. And it also elevates your leadership. The one year part-time program includes:

  • Academic module (9 classes)
  • Practical module (7 classes)
  • Competence module (9 classes)
  • Strategic planning module (8 classes)
  • International module (9 classes)
  • Research module (5 classes)

The complete MBA program consists of six modules that can all be attended separately. You can also enter or quit any module and at the end of every module you receive a certificate. Certificates and related credit points (study points) can be accumulated and allow you to graduate as Master of Branding (MOB). Next, every module is described in detail.

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