Topics Course 'Brand Leadership'

During the course “Brand Leadership you can enrich your knowledge with new insights, perspectives and concepts about brand policy and leadership issues. The course consists mainly of conceptual classes completed with a “brand journey” to a best-of-class company. On location you learn how to write your own strategic plan under supervision.

Module 1: Business strategy, branding perspectives and concepting 

During these two knowledge sessions the following issues are dealt with: Which concepts are related to strategic, marketing and brand management? Which business models exist, which perspectives and how can certain insights be used? In short, how to elevate your strategic intelligence in order to make better analyses and decisions.

  • Class 1: Strategic management, perspectives and paradoxes, business, marketing, and branding concepts
  • Class 2: Industry context, markets & resources, business, corporate and network level strategy

Module 2: Culture, change management and brand leadership issues

Crucial questions during this module are: Which insights and concepts can be used to change an organization? Which cultural aspects have an influence and which models related to internal branding are available? Which leadership qualities are necessary in change courses and what can you learn from brand leaders?

  • Class 3: Cultural aspects, organizational structure, change management, brand driven change concepts 
  • Class 4: Internal branding, leadership issues, insights, models and features of brand leaders

Module 3: Brand leadership, brand equity and added brand value

Crucial questions during this module are: Which brand building models are available? How to lead effectively towards the creation of brand equity, added brand value and brand value? How do brand leaders distinguish themselves from others? Which concepts and instruments can be used in “brand leadership”?

  • Class 5: Creation of brand equity, BAV (brand added value), brand value, brand building and brand strategy
  • Class 6: Brand leadership models, features and insights of brand leaders, implementation aspects

Module 4: Brand Journey and the strategic plan. 

This module focuses on integration of the acquired knowledge. You’ll take part in a brand journey to a best-in-class brand to experience state-of-the-art brand policy. Afterwards there is a group case and you learn to write your own strategic brand plan. The following questions will be dealt with: How to apply theory in practice? How to structure your “leadership strategy” into a specific plan? How to start the actual implementation?

  • Class 7: Brand Journey to a Best-of-Class brand: tour, class and discussion.
  • Class 8: Cases and developing a strategic brand plan under supervision

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