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Research shows that leading brands which are not supported consistently by marketing, have a limited lifetime. Marketing professor Golder concludes that only 23% of the leading brands from 1923 are still leading brands in 1997 and that 28% has disappeared. The results shouldn’t be surprising: brands lose value on a daily basis by unfaithful customers or new competing products. Brands should be maintained and redefined continuously to stay relevant to customers. If you want to maintain leadership you have to continue to change. The course “Brand Leadership” provides the necessary conceptual knowledge and insights to direct your brand towards brand leadership. Crucial questions include: Which trends, insights and concepts are related to brand leadership? Which features do brand leaders possess and what can you learn? How to create added brand value and meaning? How can branding contribute to a sustainable competitive advantage? How are brand, design and reputation management connected? How to develop a “brand driven” organization?


The course “Brand Leadership” extends your existing knowledge and offers you new insights and perspectives about brand policy and the principles of brand leadership. It educates you on how to apply these insights in your own company and how to shape this knowledge in a strategic plan that can actually be implemented. You finish the course with a “brand journey” in a best-of-class company where you experience a successful implementation of brand leadership

Course Topics

The course “Brand Leadership” consists of the following four modules: business strategy, branding perspectives and concepting (class one and two). Culture, change management and brand leadership issues (class three and four).  Brand leadership, brand equity and added brand value (class five and six) Brand Journey and writing a strategic brand plan (class seven and eight). For current data on the course, click here. 

Who can apply to this course? 

The course “Brand Leadership” is designed for (senior) marketers, brand managers, communication managers, strategists, advisers, product managers, general managers, business developers, commercial directors and/or managers who are responsible for the commercial management within organizations. You have a few years of professional experience and a minimum bachelor-level of working and reasoning. You wish to expand your current knowledge and apply it in practice

Location, dates and prices

The course “Brand Leadership” is held in Utrecht. It starts three times a year, in January, March and October and it has 8 classes. The first six regular classes are spread out over three days from 3 pm till 9 pm, always on Thursday. The final two classes are held on location at a best-of-class brand on a Friday from 12 am till 6 pm. For current data, click here. The tuition fee for the course “Brand Leadership” amounts to € 1.890, - (VAT not included). This fee doesn’t include the additional documentation worth €99, -. Do you have questions or would you like to make a reservation, please contact us through e-mail:


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