Een opvallende uitkomst van een onderzoek van Reevoo naar het effect van negatieve beoordelingen. Het blijkt dat bezoekers van webwinkels die negatieve reacties lezen vaker overgaan tot een aankoop. Ten opzichte bezoekers die geen negatieve reviews lezen, gaan zij 67% vaker over tot een aankoop. De uitkomsten zijn gebaseerd op data van en onafhankelijk internationaal onderzoek. Behalve dat bezoekers vaker tot aanschaf over gaan blijven zij ook vier maal zo lang op de site. 

It might be hard to believe, but bad reviews can be good for business. We’ve been digging into the data around the impact of displaying bad reviews on your website, and we’ve discovered some remarkable conclusions. The surprising truth is that bad reviews have a variety of business benefits. Most significantly – and most surprisingly – they increase conversion rates: consumers who deliberately seek out bad reviews convert 67% more often than normal shoppers. And there’s more. When you display the few bad reviews your company or product gets (and everyone gets a few) alongside all your good reviews:

  • consumers stay longer on your site, giving you more time to persuade them to buy
  • consumers view more pages – only 1% leave your site after seeing one badly-reviewed product
  • you demonstrate your quality of service, from the way you respond to your unhappy customers’ comments
  • you get invaluable customer feedback that would otherwise cost you thousands in market research

A few bad reviews are inevitable – you’re never going to please everyone all of the time – but if you find you’re getting more than a few, your review collection system is almost certainly at fault. That’s why we’ve included guidance on how to ensure you get the reviews you deserve in our new ebook on bad reviews – alongside all the data that proves the positive impact of properly-handled bad reviews on sales, loyalty, customer insight and more.

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